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The Hudson Valley Good Life , Issue #002 -- Newburgh NY, Things to Do, Restaurants, Outdoors, & More
September 26, 2013
Dear Friends,

Newburgh NY, Who Knew?

You might not have thought of Newburgh as a destination, but let me tell you, this city has got a lot to offer in 'the ways of the Good Life.'

I had a heck of a time exploring the city and surrounding areas recently and want to share with you the best of my adventures.

Read my full write up for Newburgh here, and learn all about what there is to do, restuarants, hotels, outdoor recreation, and more.

A Few Highlights...

I'll be the first to admit, I'm not a history buff in particular, but you're skin can't help but to get all prickly when you visit George Washington's Headquarters at the Hasbrouck House.

It's a trip. To enter the small colonial house he shared with his wife Martha during the last days of the revolution...

To walk the wood plank floors Washington walked on, to hear them creak, to see the room he slept in, his office... it's all quite awe-inspiring.

But that's just one of hundreds of historic landmarks in the city. Any block (especially Montgomery and Grand St) in Newburgh is likely to have that 'whoah' factor.

The houses, my god, are beautiful!

Stroll along Newburgh's waterfront promenade, enjoying the views, and stop at one of several top-notch restaurants for a bite to eat. Then hop on a cruise boat for a scenic tour of the Hudson!

The Newburgh Brewing Company just up the street is another worthwhile stop for some session beers and snacks.

For motorcycle enthusiasts, you'll enjoy visiting Orange County Choppers HQ and the Motorcyclepedia Museum.

Go hiking at Storm King Mountain (sick views!), kayaking on the Hudson river and Moodna creek (get up close to bannerman's castle!), and mountain biking at Stewart State Forest (largest trail network in all of NY!)

Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself here! For tons of ideas on what to do, see, and where to eat and sleep in Newburgh: Check out Newburgh NY webpage

To the good life,
Michael Lupo

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