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Are You Looking for Something New? Check Out This Restaurant Mecca in the Hudson Valley...
March 01, 2014
Dear Friends,

This sure has been a 'ruff' winter (as our dog, Samjin would say). Why not get out and make some plans?

Tarrytown, New York, and Sleepy Hollow, New York, have become some of Westchester County's hottest dining destinations.

Check out this comprehensive dining and nightlife guide to learn more...

Tarrytown, New York & Sleepy Hollow, New York:
The Ultimate Restaurants & Nightlife Guide

To the good life,

Michael Lupo

PS: From the Big Apple, take the beautiful Hudson Line out of Grand Central. These picturesque river towns are just a 35-45 minute train ride away. There's clean snow and fresh air up here!

PPS: If you think any of your friends or family would like this, by all means, please forward this email to them. Thanks!

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