Sleepy Hollow NY/Tarrytown NY

Who Else Wants to See a
St. Patricks Day Parade in Westchester's Rivertowns?

Sleepy Hollow NY and Tarrytown NY host their annual (and super fun!) St. Patrick’s Day Parade on the Sunday before March 17th.

The parade kicks off at 1:30pm on Main Street in Tarrytown, heads north on Broadway, and concludes around 3:00pm on Beekman Ave. in Sleepy Hollow. 

Note: Parade is Cancelled This Year (2020) Due to CoronaVirus!!

 Parade and festivities - Filmed with a GoPro  

Filmed with a Nikon d5100 & Tascam TM-2X mic. 

Getting Here...

The one mile long parade route from Tarrytown to Sleepy HollowThe one mile long parade route from Tarrytown to Sleepy Hollow

If you're coming by train, take metro-north's hudson line to the Tarrytown Station. Then walk up the hill on Main Street. By car, take Route 9, or the NYS Thruway/Tappan Zee Bridge to Tarrytown New York.


My first recommendation is to park at the Sleepy Hollow High School located on Broadway (Route 9) across from the big stone church.

You can also try the municipal parking lots at the Tarrytown Train Station and on South Washington Street (off Main Street, behind the liquor store). 

For street parking in Tarrytown NY, try Central Ave or North Washington St. These should be your last option, though.

In Sleepy Hollow, there's overflow parking for Philipsburg Manor at the end of Continental St

Whatever you do, come as early as you can. Parking becomes scarce in a hurry around here! They start blocking off certain streets around 11:00 am. 

Where to Best Enjoy the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Sleepy Hollow NY & Tarrytown NY

What I like about this parade is that there is a nice mix of families and younger party-minded revelers. But, overall, it's not too raucous. 

sleepy hollow nyCrowds Gather along Beekman Ave. in Sleepy Hollow NY to enjoy the St. Patrick's Day Parade

The Sleepy Hollow side of the parade (on Beekman ave.) is usually more crowded and more "happening." This is due to the fact that JP Doyle's, the one true irish joint in town, really draws a crowd. 

On the day of the parade, JP Doyle's hosts a live band playing sham-rockin' Irish music ($10 cover charge for the band), and they open up their beer garden out back with additional seating and tents. 

So, you can't go wrong by setting up a chair on Beekman Avenue. When the festivities are over, there's also crowds drinking and eating at Bridge View Tavern, and the Huddle, also on Beekman ave in Sleepy Hollow. 

JP Doyles, the Party Headquarters, is always jam-packed.

On the Tarrytown side you, if you set ourself up along Main Street or Broadway, you can catch the beginning of the parade.

It's usually a little tamer here. Naturally, the crowd follows the parade as it progresses up Broadway towards Beekman avenue in Sleepy Hollow. 

Nevertheless, Little B'sthe Oath, and the Tapp, are all fine options for some drinks and a bite to eat. 

A First-Person Account of the Sleepy Hollow NY & Tarrytown NY St. Patrick's Day Parade...

American and Irish flags flying from lampposts... Businesses with doors flung open... Citizens joined with beer and corned beef... 

That is what I was expecting as I walked to Beekman Avenue in Sleepy Hollow NY at about 11am. But as I rounded "Willy's corner" on Pocantico Street, there was only the shrill cry of a gasoline-powered leaf blower. 

The manager at JP Doyle’s Pub and his staff were busy arranging the floor space. More staff were preparing food in an adjacent parking lot and getting the beer garden set up out back.

"Parade starts at 1:30," he said.

By the time I returned, I wasn't alone. A dozen people with camp chairs were all headed in the same direction...

I turned the corner at Pocantico once more. Throngs of people now flooded the streets, a voice was booming over the microphone, and kids were running around everywhere!

Suddenly, the parade came rolling around the corner...

It had begun a half hour earlier on Main Street in Tarrytown NY.

Police squads came first blazing their lights and sirens. Then for the next hour or so came various marching bands, bagpipe brigades and local dignitaries of all sorts, each of them stopping in front of the stage at the corner of North Washington.

Now things were really firing off. Lots of families and friends with their kids and dogs, and just enough of the drinking crowd for those who like to cut loose. This was a sham-rockin’ street party!

Since its birth in 1996, the parade has become a cherished community event for the villages of Sleepy Hollow NY and Tarrytown NY. 

Some personal highlights were the 10 or 11 fire engines, the early 1900s Model Buick, and of course, the much loved local ham, the Headless Horseman.

We started buying beer and Corned-Beef sandwiches from Finalmente’s restaurant in Sleepy Hollow NY. They had taps of Peroni and Yuengling and a full menu of special food for the parade right there on the sidewalk. (*Finalmente's is sadly no longer in business). 

Daniel Damiano, owner of this popular Italian trattoria, and his crew (which included a couple Stafford Terrier puppies) were out serving tapped beer, shots of whiskey, and tons of paninis.

Around 3:30 or 4:00 the parade was all but over. Crowds were still scattered on the streets, filling up on more beer, walking up and down Beekman Avenue, blowing into plastic horns.

We bought a couple more of those paninis (chicken parm and sautéed vegetables with goat cheese) and headed for home to enjoy the rest of the day in peace.

The sun set quickly, and back in the comfort of home I fell asleep. It was now 10:00 pm!

I took Samjin out for a walk and cruised by Sleepy Hollow NY's Beekman Avenue again, nearly 12 hours after my first inspection.

Doyle’s was still raging on. People were in and out laughing that high laughter after one too many Guinnesses, and cops were parked out front chatting with the people.

Down the street Sleepy Hollow NY's, I'm sure Bridge View Tavern had a little party of its own going on. 

As I walked, one of the bag-pipers from the parade came staggering by. His uniform was loose, beret off-tilt, his cheeks were rosy, and he had a twinkle in his eye.

I hope he didn't have to work Monday morning!

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