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Tarrytown New York -  Hudson River kayaking is the perfect way to unwind and get the blood flowing. Heck, it's good for the soul. This guide includes HD video of the entire route, shows you where to launch from, and explains the sights along the way.

tarrytown ny hudson river kayaking

Looking Across the Hudson River at Hook Mountain from Kingsland Point Park

Check out: Our Hudson River Kayaking Video in Tarrytown New York. Shot with the Go Pro Hero 3 Black edition HD camera.

For best results, press play and change quality settings to 1080p HD (click the gear icon below the video) and let it fully load

*Note: The route described on this page is slightly different than that in the video.

Launching Your Kayak in Tarrytown NY

There are a few places that you could technically launch from.

The village recommends Horan's Landing, and after trial and error, so do I; It's the most convenient, the most legal, and accessible to all.

(Note: In the video I launched from Kingsland Point Park, not recommended)

Drive into Horan's Landing Park on River Street in Sleepy Hollow NY.

It's right near the Ichabod Landing condominium development.

Park in the lot, unload your kayak, and well, you know what to do next!

If you don't have a kayak of your own...

The good people at Hudson River Recreation will take you out from the boat launch in Kingsland Point Park.

Contact them at 914. 682. 5135.

The Route

Starting at Horan's Landing, go north on the Hudson River until you reach the Philipse Manor Pier and Beach Club.

Before reaching the beach club, check out the mouth of the Pocantico River at Kingsland Point Park.

Turn around and head south towards the Tarrytown New York Lighthouse and Tappan Zee bridge.

Cut in and explore the Tarrytown Marina before heading back to your car. 

Distance: 3.6 miles round trip.

Setting: This is about the widest the Hudson river gets so expect an oceanic experience. A hint of salt water in the air and the occasional steamer floating by adds to the flavor. Views of Hook Mountain are to die for.

Depending on the weather, the water can be flat as a pancake, or in high winds, dangerously turbulent. Be careful and leave your ego on the ramp.

Tides: The Hudson is a tidal river which flows in and out on 6 hour cycles. When the tide is coming in, the water will be flowing north; and south when the tide is flowing out. Consult a tide chart here.

I prefer to fight the tide on the first leg of the trip, then have it easier on the way back.

The Paddle

Get off the ramp and paddle out of Ichabod's Landing beach area. Turn right, northward. You'll first pass the abandoned General Motors plant which closed down in 1997. At 94 acres, its apparently the largest undeveloped land along the Hudson in Westchester County, New York.

Just beyond the GM lot you'll come to the Tarrytown Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is on the national register of historic places. It was built in 1883 and remained in service until 1965.

The first keeper of the lighthouse was a man named Jacob Ackerman. He lived there with his family and had to row to the tip of Kingsland Point to stock up on supplies every week!

After the lighthouse continue north. Pass the rocky tip of Kingsland Point. It's always fun to spook the flock of seagulls that like to rest here.

Skirt by the beach and paddle into the mouth of the Pocantico river. There's something about the energy of moving water here as it pours into the Hudson. (During high tide you can paddle up this tributary all the way to Philipse Manor Farm!)

Next, you're aiming for the small pier at the Philipse Manor Beach club and the train station bearing the same name, about .5 mi away.

Take in the views of Hook Mountain. In late morning (or around noon) the shadows will provide the most dramatic effect. You're looking at the northern-most bluff of the famous Palisades, which stretch down to the George Washington Bridge in NYC.

Once you reach the pier at the beach club, loop through the wooden posts and turn around. Head south the way you came.

You're now in the same spot where you started. Keep going. Pass the Hudson Harbor waterfront condos with their million dollar views, people fishing from the rocks at the Riverwalk.

You're approaching the Tappan Zee Bridge. It's quite a scene, especially when the sun begins to set and a necklace of green lights illuminate its arches.

Be careful here. Since construction has begun on the new Tappan Zee Bridge, there are a lot of water taxis zipping engineers to and from the site.

Instead of crossing under the bridge and heading down to Lyndhurst Castle (which of course you could do, too!) turn into the Tarrytown Marina. Or go down and pull up to Sunset Cove for some tiki bar action and seafood.

Head out north, back to the launch site at Horan's Landing. If you time it right, the sun will be setting behind the hills of Nyack. It's a beautiful thing my friends.

To the Good Life,

Chief Exploring Officer


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