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Tarrytown New York has it all: Gorgeous scenery. Restaurants and shops. A movie-set worthy Main street. Historic estates. Great parks. Fancy hotels. And express trains, every hour, just thirty eight minutes from Manhattan. 

"Top 10 Prettiest Towns in America"

-Forbes Magazine

Welcome to Tarrytown!

Watch this quick HD video to get a feel for the village. 

Location & Directions to Tarrytown, New York

Tarrytown New York is located at the Tappan Zee Bridge on the east side of the Hudson River in Westchester County -  25 miles north of midtown Manhattan.

Map of Tarrytown, New York

Getting here: By train: use Metro North's Hudson line to the Tarrytown station. Tarrytown is 35-40 minutes from Grand Central. By car use Route 9, I-287, Saw Mill Parkway, or Sprain Brook Parkway.

A Brief History of Tarrytown, New York

The Weckquaesgeeks, a tribe of the Algonquin nation, were the first people to inhabit this area of the Hudson Valley that we know of.

The natives camped at the base of today's Church Street, along the shores of the abundant Mohicannituk (Hudson River). They lived well - freely catching sturgeon, collecting oysters, and hunting game in the forests.

In the late 1600s, not long after Henry Hudson opened up the valley to European exploration, Frederick Philipse recieved a royal land grant to a huge area from the Bronx to the Croton River.

He built Philipsburg Manor - a successful enterprise consisting of a farm, grist mill, and church, here, at the confluence of the Pocantico and Hudson Rivers. 

100 years later, during the Revolutionary War, on a fateful night in 1780...

A few local patriots noticed a suspicious character traveling Old Kings Highway, today's Route 9 in Tarrytown. 

Upon questioning and searching the man, he turned out to be Major John Andre, a british spy and co-conspirator of Benedict Arnold!

With him he carried the defense plans for the West Point fortress in his boot. If his British superiors got a hold of those, the war for American Independence could've been lost.

John Paulding and his cohorts apprehended Andre and the man was later hanged.

Patriots Park marks the spot of Andre's capture. If you're traveling Route 9 through town, look for the bronze statue near the cherry tree.

Notable Residents of Tarrytown's Past

In 1820, Washington Irving used the quiet village of Tarrytown New York as the backdrop to his famous story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

The author spent part of his childhood in Tarrytown and returned later in life for good, spending the last of his days at his retreat Sunnyside - a modest Dutch colonial home near the Hudson River.

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, in Sleepy Hollow, New York. Neighbor to Tarrytown, New YorkVisit the gravesite of Washington Irving

You can visit Irving's gravesite at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

Later, tycoons of the industrial age built gilded estates along the Hudson River in the area. 

In 1886, Alexander Jackson Davis build the Lyndhurst Castle on the shores of the Hudson in Tarrytown, New York, just south of where the Tappan Zee Bridge is today. The castle is most famously remembered as the estate of Jay Gould, the fierce railroad baron.

Not to be outdone, John D. Rockefeller completed his family estate, Kykuit in 1913 just up the road. Three generations of the Rockefeller clan lived there, each adding to it.

All three estates, Sunnyside, Lyndhurst, and Kykuit, stand to this day and are open to the public.

Tarrytown the Tourist Destination

It's it's no wonder why Tarrytown is a hit with tourists. There's so much fun stuff to see and do. On top of that the village is super easy to get to; it's just 35 to 40 minutes from NYC's Grand Central Station on the Hudson line.

Each weekend Main Street bustles; sidewalks are full; outdoor cafe's packed; and eager concert-goers file into the the Tarrytown Music Hall.

Something about it just makes you smile.

One big draw is the fact that there are plenty of great restaurants in Tarrytown, New York. They're cranking out unbelievable food; everything from white table cloth dining to hot dogs and tacos. 

We've got Indian, Portuguese, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Seafood, Sushi, New American, Burgers & Fries - you name it. 

And if you plan on staying over night and making a weekend out of it, Tarrytown NY Hotels offer you a wide range of accommodations.

There's the ultra luxurious option at The Castle or the Tarrytown House Estate. Plus a ton of conference style hotels in the area, like the Double Tree Hilton

However you plan to get your kicks, Tarrytown, New York, in Westchester County - "the gateway to the Hudson Valley" - is a great place to make that happen.

To the good life,

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